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Meet Our Instructors

We hand picked our instructors because each one is  knowledgeable in their area of expertise and also has a strong desire to help you grow in your skills and abilities. So that you can create the best projects you can.  You will enjoy the diversity of their personalities and teaching styles.

Karol Fischbach

Beginner Quilting, T-shirt Quilts, Beginner Ruler work  AccuQuilt

Karol Fiscbach (affectionately known as Karol w/a K) She is a fun loving woman with a contagious joy and zest for life. She quilts, embroiders and teaches classes. She will encourage you and shares tips for whatever project you're working on.  Karol particularly loves teaching beginners how to sew and quilt. She originally taught Megan Sorn how to quilt her first table topper.

Anne Langley

B.O.M.   Long Arm Training   Embroidery   Basic Sewing Skills

Anne Langley is a fun loving instructor who carries a vast amount of knowledge in every area of quilting and embroidery. She understands machines and can train you to use yours to the fullest. She was taught sewing by her mom as a child and has been sewing her whole life.  She never hesitates to share her knowledge with those around her.  

Megan Sorn

Free Motion Quilting, Long Arm Services, Color Theory

Megan Sorn reluctantly learned to sew when her dear friend Karol Fischbach insisted that she attend her free quilting class at church. Having failed sewing in 7th grade she decided that she was doomed to a life without sewing. Karol was a wonderful instructor and Megan has been obsessively quilting ever since.  She likes to share her knowledge with others and uses her art school background to help people create free motion designs and choose colors/fabrics.

Molly Hoagland

Machine Usage, Quilting, Decorative Flags

Molly Hoagland has been sewing since 1991, when she moved to Virginia, as a way to meet people.  She began by making decorative flags because Richmond VA is the city of flags, where the practice of hanging decorative flags began.  Since then, she expanded into quilting and found her passion. Once she retired in Cleveland, she worked at a few sewing shops. Quilting makes her happy and relaxes her.  She has taught many things throughout her career in corporate America but truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and learning from other sewers the most. 

Wendi Owens

Scan-n-CutApplique  Embroidery  In the Hoop Quilting QAYG

Wendi Owens is a professional instructor specializing in heirloom sewing, quilting, applique, digitizing, and electronic cutting machines.  She has taught nationally and has made instructional videos.  She has had her work published in Romantic Homes, Women’s Day Special issue, and most recently Classic Sewing Magazine. Wendi studied fashion and costume design at Kent State University and worked in the theater behind the curtain as a Costume Designer, Wardrobe Tech and Dresser. In her downtime, she enjoys watching historical programs, reading historic documentation on clothing and construction, and working with historic costume groups.

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