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We Repair


Authentic Irish Wool Sweaters


We repair both new and vintage wool sweaters including restoration work and reconstruction work. Small holes and rips at seams can be fixed seamlessly and invisibly.
We can also wash and block them back to their original fit.

If interested, fill out our sweater questionnaire so that our specialist, Vivian can assess if your sweater is repairable.

has been knitting since childhood and has an in-depth understanding of yarns and stitches.  She even has the ability to custom dye yarns to match whatever project comes her way.  She will handle your sweaters with the utmost care and restore them to as close as new, as possible.

Testimonials From Our Customers

I had two Aran sweaters in need of some repair. Looking through the Irish Magazine I noted the ad for Imagine That. They said bring it in and we will see what we can do. Two weeks later I had both back with non-visible surgical repairs. And the charges were quite reasonable.  
Imagine That!
Tom Collins

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